Artist Collaborations on Packaging Design

Edited and published by Viction:ary

Presenting a medley of playful and masterfully crafted designs from around the world, Special Edition focuses on product packaging that stands out for its engaging concept, unexpected choice of material or artistically elaborate design. Tailored to celebrate a unique product or extend a brand, these solutions come often about as the result of a one-off creative collaboration.

The artists, designers and brands are able to use these special opportunities to communicate more freely, with fewer rules or restrictions on form or budget hemming them in. Three distinctive approaches to special packaging are featured within Special Edition; a carefully curated selection of deluxe promotional gifts; a terrific selection of customised product packaging and finally artists’ editions that place a premium on unbridled imagination. From sneakers to designer toys and wines to confectioneries, almost any consumer brand or product can benefit from an inspiring makeover, as seen within the pages of Special Edition.

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